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HealoMedicine has been setup to support our patients and help them choose and decide the best treatment option suited for their medical care, based on the latest developments in medical treatments.

When dealing with a serious illness or before undergoing any surgical procedure, a patient can be left unconvinced with the diagnosis or the treatment which has been prescribed to them by their doctor. They may therefore need reassurance. Some patients have had multiple treatment choices offered to them by their clinician and are seeking guidance to enable them to make a right decision about their treatment. In such situations HealoMedicine becomes relevant as we aim to provide patients access to an advisory service. This service is provided by a group of highly qualified and experienced medical professionals from UK and India. HealoMedicine will deliver an unbiased opinion with the interest and welfare of their patients as a paramount factor, within 48 hours of the request.

Importance of HealoMedicine as a Service

Even though there have been advancements and progress in medical knowledge and developments, mistakes are still sometimes made when delivering medical care. Some mistakes are due to a human error whilst others are as a result of a faulty system. However, whatever the cause of the mistake, the result will always have negative consequences for human health.

The correct diagnosis is therefore crucial to avoid a potentially serious medical mistake. HealoMedicine is able to provide access to some of the eminent and highly experienced medical professionals trained at reputed hospitals and institutes around the world. Their independent and unbiased opinion can help one make the right decision for their medical care and avoid any potential medical mistakes.

How Does HealoMedicine Work?
  • Simply submit a consultation request online on our website stating the original diagnosis and uploading your medical history, investigation reports, files and list of medical questions that you may have.
  • Once your case is reviewed by our Medical Moderator, it is passed on to a medical specialist who can best serve your case and within 48 hours an online second medical opinion report is sent out to you.
  • HealoMedicine’s opinion is delivered as an easy to understand report, either directly to you or upon request to your doctor. In some cases, the second opinion given by our medical specialist may be similar to that provided by your own doctor. However, they may also provide contrasting opinions which may suggest further investigation or seeking treatment from an alternative specialist.

Our Mission

To assist patient make correct decisions about their treatment choices by empowering them with right advice based on latest information and development in medical sciences.

To provide an unbiased medical guidance which matches UK (NHS) and best global standards of care.

To promote a cost effective medical care by providing guidance for avoiding unnecessary medical investigations and interventions.

To promote evidence based clinical care.

Our Motivation

We are well established senior specialist doctors (Consultants) working in UK and India. We receive frequent patient enquiries from India and other countries regarding their ongoing medical care. There are several occasions when we have had to modify their medical care, stop unnecessary surgeries and investigations. This has proved beneficial for the patients as well was a big cost saving to them. HealoMedicine desires to extend this advisory service in an ethical and efficient way to a wider population, so that UK and global standards of medical care could be made available at one’s doorstep. We aim to provide an unbiased guidance in the treatment of most medical conditions on a personal basis. We aim to facilitate a unified standard of care globally.